Lucky Sevan

Se·​van | \ sə- ‘vān 

Biographical and Geographical name

  1. Armenian origin meaning Life Giving Sweet Water.
  2. Lake Sevan ( Sevana lič) is the largest lake in Armenia. It is one of the largest freshwater high-altitude lakes in the world. 
  3.   Destiny Number is 7.

From its modest beginnings in the summer of 2005, the notion was born in the minds of two humble engineering college students feeling compelled to mentor two disadvantaged young men in their community, and share their love of surfing in San Diego, between long and grueling semesters. Surfing provided a sense of peace, much needed rejuvenation, and a clearer perspective unlike that found in any other activity.


Lucky Sevan was formally named in 2007, when Evan Rogers, Paul Miller, and Todd Skinner went to work inviting young people to the program with the sole purpose of strengthening and empowering them through one-on-one mentoring. Today, the Lucky Sevan Foundation continues to thrive with over 500 adult volunteer mentors and 1,400 youth served – and counting – in their youth leadership retreat surf camps over the years.

Todd Skinner

Todd Skinner

Treasurer and Director of Logistics

Evan Rogers

Evan Rogers

President/CEO and Camp Retreat Director

Paul Miller

Paul Miller

Vice President and Director of Camp Retreat Operations


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Upcoming Retreat Sessions

Coming September 2024

The (L7) Lucky Sevan Foundation has been listening and will be holding retreats for women and men in September 2024 - "To Know Thyself" restorative and transformative experience on the beach for adults in San Onofre State Beach unlike anything available, yet imagined!
L7 Women's Retreat, Sept. 5-8, 2024
L7 Men's Retreat, Sept. 12-15, 2024
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Telephone: (602) 620-3417

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