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Before & After The L7 Experience:

The youth of today can do hard things, learn accountability, and be shown how to access the Atonement of Jesus Christ to become who God knows they can become—the very best versions of themselves.

The Founders of Lucky Sevan quickly learned after mentoring their first group of youth that there are very few programs that exist that have infused into one program the following practices:

1. being stretched physically,
2. being tested mentally,
3. having heart and soul plumbed spiritually, and
4. being engaged socially.

Our program embraces a more authentic offering of what life is really like and involves building all four of the pillars of growth: Physical, Intellectual, Spiritual, and Social. Our hope is to contribute to the raising of resilient and faithful youth who will stay on the covenant path and discover the WHY behind a sincere burning desire to serve a full-time mission, marry in the temple, and engage in a lifetime of building God’s kingdom on earth.

Read about what parents and church leaders have said about their youth attending:

“Like Peter of old, life has limitless opportunities if one steps out of one’s comfort zone and onto the water. This begins with meekness, humility and trust. We as individuals must rely on the group to support, sustain and literally save us. Trust in its mentors and trust in its fellow brothers and sisters enables life changing experiences – even miracles to take place. Humility and trust will ultimately lead us to the most important and powerful trust of all – that of trusting in, and receiving from the Savior, Jesus Christ.”

Lucky Sevan Founder, Evan Rogers

“Over the past several years, we have been so fortunate to have our two oldest boys attend the Lucky Sevan surf camp. They have attended other church, sport and scout camps in the past, but nothing has come close to the experience they had while at surf camp. In fact it’s what sealed the deal for one of our boys to serve a mission for our church. Evan and his staff do an amazing job of getting to know each camper and their specific needs on a very personal and intimate basis. Evan and his team truly care about the welfare of the youth and will tailor the program to meet their individual needs. We are confident that if your child attends this camp with the right spirit and purpose, they will come back more deeply connected to the Savior and His teachings in a way that no other experience has. There is something about being in the ocean with all of its physical demands that fosters an intense spiritual growth.”

Brand & Jo G.

“My daughter attended in 2018 and had an invaluable experience that strengthened her resolve to feel the love of God stronger. It also helped her be a more empathetic person, looking out for the needs of others around her.” 

Vickigene H.

“I’ve seen first-hand the power of Lucky Sevan surf camp and the impact it has on the emotional, physical, spiritual and social development of youth participants. Society needs more of this positive influence and Lucky Sevan has got the formula for success.”


“This is a wonderful organization! My son went last year as a leader and said it was the best thing he has ever done with the exception of a religious mission he served in Spain. If you’ve got a teenage girl or boy, send them to this. June for girls, July for boys. Check it out people!”

Melanie F.

Perhaps too many youth within exemplary, loving, and faith building families are going through the motions and becoming disengaged spiritually. Or, maybe parents and guardians are simply looking for a fresh and more engaging experience for their youth. Lucky Sevan has found that these faithful parents, guardians, and church leaders need other options to reach their youth.

Our aim is to empower youth to be more fully engaged in their spiritual lives, to embrace “a change of mind, a fresh view about God, about oneself, and about the world around them” (Bible Dictionary, Repentance) while also exposing them to more of the foundational pillars of life. Since 2007, Lucky Sevan has been successful in developing an inspired, living, breathing process and curriculum into an agile program that is continually being honed and refined as the needs of our youth evolve. Ultimately, we want to help our youth understand the value and joy of staying on the covenant path that leads to developing a personal relationship with our Savior, Jesus Christ.





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