What to expect:


  • Your camp experience is all inclusive. This means food, surfing gear (wetsuit & surfboard), and sleeping accommodations are provided for you. You will camp for 5-days and 4-nights overlooking the ocean and get to fall asleep in the ocean breeze every night.
  • You will be involved in daily camp yoga and mindful meditation sessions that are facilitated by the camp. The goal of these practice sessions are to create greater self-awareness, release negativity and stress, and find greater balance, peace, and clarity.
  • Your experience includes FUN individual or team beach sport competitions, and team building activities that are facilitated by your camp mentors.
  • Your camp experience includes some of the best, freshest, tastiest meals ever – prepared for you with love.
  • You will have the full surfing experience while engaging in team and one-on-one surf instruction out in the water.
  • You will have the opportunity to make your own connections with what you learned while surfing within your everyday life.


  • You will get to learn from the coolest mentors! You are given a hand-picked, authentic, volunteer adult who will serve as your mentor during your camp experience. These mentors are youth-certified, cool, and are there for you to bounce ideas off of throughout your experience.
  • You will get to experience real-time unconditional love in the most inclusive environment during your five day camp experience. You will be treated with nothing but love, and be accepted however, or wherever, you are.
  • You will meet other teens on similar journeys to whom you can relate challenges and experiences. You can learn together and experience success together.
  • You will get to participate in teen-specific workshops that are focused on current issues facing teens, and how to be successful in today’s world. These experiences only add to your “toolbox” with workshops such as Your Real Colors, Your Teenage Brain, Identify your Mentor, and many more.
  • You will find opportunities to be pushed outside your comfort zone by doing hard things to develop greater accountability, engage in your personal growth, and learn your own process of how you can become the best, most authentic, version of yourself.


  • You will be given opportunities to be stretched mentally and spiritually. This means learning to discover your own true characteristics so that you may better understand your WHY in life.
  • Your experience will include powerful and spiritually uplifting evening devotionals that are founded in eternal truths. You will be taught how to engage with these truths in a powerful and unforgettable way on the beach.
  • You will be shown how to literally access the Atonement of Jesus Christ in a very real and tangible way. You and your mentors will make this a memorable and powerful experience so that you can become truly converted and rooted in your life’s journey.

For the Boys

For the Girls


Upcoming Retreat Sessions

2024 Registrations Coming Soon!

June 3-7 (Boys)

June 10-14 (Boys)

June 17-21 (Girls)

Coming Soon

September 2024

The (L7) Lucky Sevan Foundation has been listening and will be holding retreats for women and men in September 2024 - "To Know Thyself" restorative and transformative experience on the beach for adults in San Onofre State Beach unlike anything available, yet imagined!
L7 Women's Retreat, Sept. 5-8, 2024
L7 Men's Retreat, Sept. 12-15, 2024
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