Frequently Asked Questions

My child has special needs (mental/physical). Is this is the right retreat for them?

All of our camp retreat experiences are inclusive in every sense of the word. We welcome all youth participants regardless of what they are dealing with. We have experience in accommodating:

  • Those who are diabetic with type 1 and 2 diabetes and need to store insulin, and/or hold a prescription prescribed by a physician to take medication(s) during the duration of the retreat.
  • Special needs and neurological disorders
  • Gluten allergies, or any particular diet restriction of any kind. Any diet restriction(s) or any other concern(s) can be addressed and will be captured during our online registration process for each youth participant.
  • Those who are struggling with gender fluidity or same sex attraction
  • Those that have completely fallen away from religious worship or attending church, or believe to be agnostic or atheist.
What are the ages of retreat participants?

All young men (Grommets) ages 15-19, and young women (Wahines) ages 15-19 can participate. Youth that are 14 but that are turning 15 by January 1 the same calendar year they plan to attend a youth retreat, are also eligible to attend. We do not cap or turn away youth/single young adults over 19 that have a desire to attend either youth camp. However, in this case, we do suggest applying for L7 Youth Mentor opportunities that may also be a fit for youth that are 19+ years of age. If interested in exploring or being a L7 Youth Mentor, click here.

What forms of payment for tuition are accepted, and how can I donate?


Venmo: @LuckySevan

Checks: Please make checks payable to Lucky Sevan Foundation

Credit Card: We can accept credit cards for final deposit/payment at drop off, if for some reason tuition has not been paid in full.

Should youth participants bring their cell phone, MP3/iPods, AirPods/Earbuds/Headphones, or even a camera?

As an unplugged retreat, we suggest having them leave all the above at home. If they insist and you want to pick other battles, we will make arrangements with L7 Mentor Team Staff Leader youth who will be assigned to safeguard phones and additional gear during the retreat and return them to the youth participant before departure to be able to communicate and confirm pickup time/ETA.

Lucky Sevan has a mentor videographer on staff during each retreat that will post all videos and pictures to our social platforms for access and sharing. Additionally, all L7 Adult Mentor Staff and Leaders will have their phones with access to the mobile network during the entire duration of the retreat to receive and make calls on behalf of youth participant(s) in case of an emergency.

Can my youth still bring their phone with them to the camp just in case/emergencies?

YES. We will have each youth still check in their phone once they are registered and assigned to their L7 Team. Once settled, each youth will then be asked to check in their phone to their team captain and/or adult mentor for safe keeping during the duration of the camp. If there’s an emergency, you may contact our L7 HQ Office (480-398-3898) directly to relay the message and call our L7 Emergency Mobile.

For youth being picked up at camp, their phone will be returned to them as they are signed out by their parent/guardian.

For youth driving home in the caravan, phones will be returned so they can communicate with parents/guardians ETA and confirm pick up location.

Where are the youth surf camp retreats held?

L7 surf camp retreats on the west coast are held in San Diego, California at the San Onofre State Beach, The Bluffs Campground in San Clemente.

L7 surf camp retreats on the east coast are held just north of the surf capital, Cocoa Beach in Port Canaveral at Jetty Park Campground in Florida.

L7 has plans to expand and open new locations in various countries worldwide. Sign up for our email list to stay informed.

Do you also offer surf camp retreats exclusively for women, men, and couples?

As Lucky Sevan continues to grow, the board has recognized the importance of creating and launching more retreats not only for the youth of the Church but also for women, men, and married couples so that they too can experience and be blessed by the L7 culture and experience. Everyone deserves to become the best versions of themselves they can through Christ!

Do you also offer snowboarding and snow skiing retreats?

Coming soon! While Lucky Sevan is primarily focused on surf retreats, creating a meaningful and spiritually transformative snow retreat experience for God’s children is also a part of L7’s vision. In late 2021, the founder of L7 was introduced to a wonderful couple who had just acquired a snow ski and snow boarding school on Mt. Hood in Oregon. This faithful couple felt that God had clearly provided the resources for them to acquire it, but they didn’t know why. Upon learning about Lucky Sevan’s mission and vision, the couple now knows why they were guided to purchase the property.

What does Lucky Sevan provide during the retreat?

All meals including snacks and surf lodging tents and campsite accommodations for 5 days (4 nights) at San Onofre State Beach will be provided by the Lucky Sevan Foundation. DO NOT bring tents. Lucky Sevan will provide tents to all surf camp participants.

All your surf gear will be provided including a longboard surfboard and a wetsuit.

What does each youth participant responsible for and need to bring for the retreat?
There are typically 70 youth participating at each retreat, so PLEASE clearly label items with your full name (Duct-tape and a Sharpie work well here). Do this if you want to ensure you get everything back.

Vacuum insulated water bottle (Hydro Flask-style), or large insulated water bottle
Swimsuits/gear + 2 beach towels
Shoes & socks + flip-flops or sandals
Clothes: T-shirts, shorts + sweatshirt/hoodie + hat
1 SPF 30+ sunblock + lip balm
Sleeping bag + pillow + one-person compact foam sleeping pad/backpacking mattress ONLY please ????. NO TWIN, QUEEN air mattresses will be accommodated in the tent
1 camping chair
1 head lamp light
1 yoga mat
Musical instruments are strongly encouraged. If you play it and you can pack it, you can bring it! (guitar, harmonica, yuke, etc.) Evening campfire sing-alongs inevitably break out!
*Participants are responsible for keeping track of their belongings. Lucky Sevan is not responsible for any damaged, lost or stolen personal property brought to the retreat by the youth.

What is Lucky Sevan’s COVID-19 Policy?
We respect your choice regarding vaccinations, and therefore we DO NOT require youth participants or any adult leaders that attend our retreats to be vaccinated against COVID-19. Because the health and safety of our youth participants and adult mentor leaders is of utmost importance, Lucky Sevan does require a Negative Antigen Test Result 48 hours prior to the first day of the retreat. A home Antigen Test is also acceptable.

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