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Welcome to camp!

We trust this will be a life changing experience for you. At camp you will be encouraged to engage, learn, and create with the people and elements around you. Here are some of those key experiences to prepare for during your camp experience:


  • Make new authentic friendships with dudes on your team—building life-long relationships with them as brothers and friends.
  • Generate a strong team spirit by competing with your crew in team building activities, lifeguard drills, and beach sporting events. Build bonds of trust and respect for one another through competing together.
  • Actively participate in the L7 culture! You will feel welcomed and be immediately accepted in our camp. Our culture is one of complete inclusion, acceptance, and unconditional love. There will be NO judgment and ZERO tolerance for teasing or bullying of ANY kind. You can just be you.


  • Learn what it means to do hard things, and to be encouraged as you push outside of your comfort zone. You will gain greater trust while increasing your self confidence.
  • Discover your Real Colors! You will gain tremendous insight and a new understanding on how to communicate with your peers, friends, parent(s)/guardian(s), sibling(s), coaches, advisors, mentors, and leaders. Learn how to listen and how to be heard.
  • Learn how vulnerability can help you gain wisdom and greater insight. Our L7 culture ensures you never have to worry about judgment and teasing–never lose your cool factor with your bros.
  • Come to truly understand “…through small and simple things will great things be brought to pass”. Your camp experience will teach you to literally cast off any guilt, burdens, or challenges that are weighing you down. Look forward to the evening devotionals on the beach where we address these topics.


  • Develop the right balance for yourself! Your camp experience is a natural, free-flowing, and living program that you get to influence and shape into whatever feels most genuine to you– you get to choose how you balance surfing, eating, resting, and playing!. You will create a camp experience that encourages you to understand and feel greater love for those around you, and for God and His Son.
  • Build meaningful and effective tools to further direct your future and shape your true character. Create your vision of success to prepare you for all of life’s challenges and successes.
  • Develop a plan to create the future you want! Learn how to tap into and harness your mind (your greatest tool) so that you can achieve your ambitions and dreams.





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