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Why be a L7 youth mentor?

Perhaps you see yourself in them or you just love the youth. Maybe you are a child-at-heart, and you can naturally relate to them. Maybe you struggled when you were younger and you had a mentor that helped you change; now you’ve found the right venue to pay it forward. Maybe you wish you had a mentor to guide you during your adolescence, and now you want to be that influence to inspire other youth and help them avoid some of the same mistakes. Or maybe, you have heard about our surf camps and you love the idea of spending a week on the beach with awesome young people.

All you need to do is take the five days off from work and volunteer as a mentor leader and we can promise you an awesome and fulfilling experience.

To create an impactful experience for the youth at every retreat, we like to have a 2-1 ratio of youth to mentors. To accomplish this, We will have 20-30 Adult Mentor Leaders and 10 Jr. Mentor Assistant Leader opportunities available at each youth retreat to serve a total of 70 youth. Each Adult and Jr. Mentor is assigned to a team of 7 youth.

As a Mentor, you will learn to love them as your own or feel like they are one of your long lost siblings. In any case, you will…

  • Play games and sports with them
  • Talk and laugh with them
  • Relax, practice yoga and meditate with them
  • Surf with them
  • Cook and eat with them
  • Cry with them
  • Serve and be served by them
  • Stretch and be stretched alongside them

In essence, to be an L7 Mentor, you are there to push the youth and yourself outside of “your comfort zone” to continually grow.

What is a Lucky Sevan (L7) Mentor, and do you even need to know how to surf?

You do NOT need to know anything about surfing. As an L7 Mentor, all you need is to have an affinity for our youth, a willingness to serve, and a love for God.

L7 Mentors are first and foremost a friend and mentor to the youth, and they love unconditionally, seeing each youth through God’s eyes.


a) Completes a background check and attends L7 Mentor and Youth Safety Training, setting them up for success and ensuring their own and the safety and protection of the youth and other adult mentors.

b) Brings their own air mattress and bedding, and any additional gear they wish, including their mobile phone and laptop as needed if work or other demands require it

c) Is provided all the accommodations during the retreat, including a campsite and tent, a surfboard and wetsuit, and food and snacks.

Do you miss that Spirit you felt on your full-time mission? Are you looking for a powerful life changing jump start?  Perhaps you are looking for a unique opportunity to feel closer to Christ?  Being a L7 Jr. Mentor or Adult Mentor will allow you to experience in real time God’s love by mentoring His youth in a hands-on and unforgettable way!  Volunteer.  Be an L7 Mentor.

You have come here because you are an awesome individual who loves the Lord and finds joy in helping others come unto Him. Perhaps you have heard about us from others or have a friend who shared how much he or she enjoyed serving as an L7 Mentor. Or, you simply stumbled upon us—a stumble we believe was orchestrated divine ways. Whatever the reason, we are stoked and grateful that you have come. Aloha!

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